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It was as a young boy that Traidmarc began exercising his lyrical skills by rapping over radio cassette tapes with his childhood friends. His childhood clique rapidly became known as the 'Dogman Squad'. "There was always music in our house" Traidmarc recalls, "I used to sneak into my uncle's and play his keyboard which he never let us play, but all I wanted to do was make music". As a young adult, in May 2000, Traidmarc was involved in a horrific car crash which nearly took his life. While in Intensive Care, his condition was so serious that he was initially pronounced dead. Traidmarc spent the next three days in a coma with his family by his side praying for his recovery. It was Traidmarc's unequivocal love and passion for music that gave him strength to fight for his life out of Intensive Care and onto making a full recovery after that horrendous car crash. His passion for composing still gives him the same fighting spirit in tribulations of life, music and artistry.

Moving on from cassette tapes, Traidmarc joined Furiousbeats Records in 2003 as a writer, rapper and producer. Traidmarc released his first record in 2005, entitled "When I Get Rich". This Indie release highlighted his passion and obvious talent in producing and recording music, giving him real street cred. He quickly established himself as a respected music artist and rapper with his peers and well-known artists alike. Traidmarc was honoured to meet and perform alongside the likes of P-Diddy, Neyo, John Legend, UB40, Shakira, Kelly Rowland and Lupe Fiasco at music festivals and concerts. Early in his music career, Traidmarc had the opportunity to be given guidance and encouragement from renowned music personalities, including Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's father) and Doug "Biggs" Ellison (former Manager of Chrisette Michele and CEO of Four Kings Production), from which he continues to be inspired everyday.

Since the release of his first record, Traidmarc has continued to pursue his passion for Hip-Hop music, performing live at countless clubs, events and festivals and bringing his music to his fans and for the world to enjoy. In 2006, Traidmarc turned down the honour of becoming a Director at Furiousbeats records to focus on his own music and pursue his passion for being on the mic and "bringing the roof down". His extensive collection is a testament to his versatility as a music artist. Traidmarc prides himself on bringing new music to his fans filled with energy and emotion. His music continues to gain interest from his growing fan base as well as interest from well-known artists, including rapper "Nas" who gave Traidmarc a shout out in his record "Oochie Wally" with "Traidmarc's the army, is that Horse?; It must be, I heard he husky; Yeah, there go jungle eyes red; Looking for trouble".

Not only does Traidmarc take pride in his music but he also takes pride in his style. When he's not performing, he's the kind of guy to dress smart in his bowler hat and suede shoes while sipping Cognac or puffing cigars at an exclusive cocktail bar or lounge in town. He is full of charisma in every moment and charming to the max. If not sipping a Cognac or puffing smoke, Traidmarc immerses himself in the beat at trendy bars and clubs, swagging and busting moves including his "Traidmarc" shoulder shake. As well as taking pleasure and inspiration from the finer things in life, Traidmarc also appreciates, and gets inspiration from, keeping it real. He can be inspired to make music in any moment, from cruising in his coupe and blasting tunes from his favourite artist, 2Pac, if not his own, to kicking it with his homies. "If I'm inspired to make angry music, I make an angry song, if I'm inspired to make a love song, I'll make a love song. Inspiration can strike at anytime and it comes in different shapes and forms". Traidmarc stays true to what he believes in and will hold his own "I never back down from a fight when I know I'm right. I believe in diplomacy not because I'm weak but because I'm wise".

Through Reality And Inspiration Divine Music And Rap's Created. That's TRAIDMARC.

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